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    High-speed desktop gluer mid-system New Year's concessions

    作者:Desktop gluer   日期:2019-01-15 20:15   瀏覽:

    High-speed desktop glue dispenser is also known as a 221 dispenser. In order to thank customers for their trust in us in the past year, Dongguan Zhongguo dispenser manufacturer decided to hold a New Year's Grand Price Event. In order to thank customers for their great support, a 221 dispenser was sold for 9500 yuan, including dispensing program for you.
    Purchase of services available for high-speed dispensing machines
    In fact, every project needs money, the general price is around 2000 yuan, so we are also trying to return to customers, this is our commitment to let you enjoy the Royal service, any machine purchased by the manufacturer of the dispensing machine, can enjoy such services, including repairs back to the factory, quality guarantee, door-to-door maintenance, remote debugging. Teaching, glue dispensing scheme design and so on.
    Quality Assurance of Dispenser
    The accessories used in high-speed desktop glue machine are all advanced and quality assurance in the current field, such as compound dispensing valve, guide rail, constant control system and solenoid valve. We have adopted imported solenoid valve and upper silver guide rail, which are all parts produced by some leading enterprises in the industry. Therefore, they are guaranteed in quality, not reduced in price, and reduce the quality of materials. The premise is to ensure the interests of customers.
    臺式膠水機 Activity duration
    Our activity will continue until the end of March. If you need to consult high-speed desktop glue machine, we can compare the performance and price of our desktop glue machine. We can consider other dispensing machine manufacturers. We can do this activity for sure in order to give back to our customers. We hope we have the opportunity to cooperate.
    If you need or want to consult the high-speed desktop glue dispenser, you can call our telephone service hotline: 13928403389, there will be special personnel for reception!

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