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    Two component epoxy adhesive automatic glue mixing machine

    作者:點膠機內存卡   日期:2018-11-22 00:51   瀏覽:

    Epoxy resin glue is the most used glue in the market at present. In fact, there are two kinds of glue, one is single liquid, the other is double liquid. The use of double liquid glue is more troublesome. It needs to use two-component automatic mixer to realize dispensing task. So a good mixer is very helpful for dispensing. Choose a high quality two component automatic mixer?
    雙液自動混膠機 Application requirements of epoxy adhesive
    The use of epoxy resin glue requires some skills, although this is the best use of a glue, the glue concentration is neutral, for dispensing equipment requirements are not high, but in the aspect of backdraft to do a good job, otherwise easy to cause the problem of flow glue, because backdraft pressure is constant, will lead to leakage of epoxy resin glue, intake pressure. Consistent with the outlet pressure, such a problem will arise. How to solve the dispensing problem has something to do with the operation.
    雙組份點膠機 Points for attention in using machinery
    Two-component automatic mixer is equipped with this two-liquid automatic mixing valve, which can automatically mix glue. When two kinds of glue are transported to the inside of the dispensing valve, there will be a motor to mix, which can perfectly control the two kinds of glue together and bring each particle of glue into play. Then the dispensing effect will be very good. We also adopt the method of dispensing glue. The mixing pipe controls the dispensing accuracy, which can ensure the mixability of glue as well as the accuracy requirement. This is our production of two-component automatic mixer.
    Machine price
    自動攪拌點膠閥 We have many years of experience in using epoxy resin adhesives, using standard equipment, has been able to meet demand, so in terms of price is not very expensive, but also in the average range, is between 10,000 and 30,000, belongs to the low and medium level, we are speaking in terms of performance, in this industry has many years of production experience. Inspection, two component automatic mixing machine mainly lies in rubber valve, which is its core.

    中制自動化設備有限公司全力為用戶打造各種實用性強的高速全自動點膠機 大型高速點膠機 落地式高速點膠機

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