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Customized high speed dispensing machine, glue machine!


Dongguan CNAUTO Automation Co., LTD.


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Dongguan dispensing machine manufacturer has developed and manufactured automatic solder paste machine according to the medium and high viscosity liquid such as solder paste and silver glue. The obvious difference between automatic solder paste machine an.

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Automatic silica gel dispenser can spot different silica gel and sealant. It is used in various fields. The quality of glue and the advantages of silica gels own use performance. In addition, the percentage of glue is reasonable, which is very harmful to .

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Multi position double liquid dispensing machine is selected to complete the dispensing of industrial touch screen, which can enhance the manufacturing quality of industrial touch screen, which has a great relationship with its components. Multi position d.

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The non-standard three-axis dispensing machine selects CNC hybrid production for the shell of the device, which reasonably confirms the verticality of XYZ and enhances the working accuracy of the device; it can be managed by a single machine without the u.

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The high-speed dispensing machine can be used as the intelligent equipment to control the fluid and apply the fluid to the surface or inside of the goods. The high-speed hot-melt dispensing machine with suitable hot-melt glue is one of the hot-melt glue d.

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Full automation has always been the goal of our human pursuit. Xiaobian thought that the first person who proposed full automation was a lazy person. He thought that only lazy people would think of this problem. However, full automation also represents th.

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In many products glued by automated dispensing equipment, there are usually some planes that need to be glued at the same time. Previous dispensing technology The application is flat single-point dispensing, which requires multiple clamps, more A-glue app.

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Intelligent dispensing equipment is widely used in the industry. This paper introduces a high-speed dispensing machine which is mainly used for the control and coating of PUR hot melt adhesive. This equipment is PUR hot melt dispensing machine. It is an i.

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The filling mode is the main application of automatic equipment. This paper introduces a desktop automatic filling dispensing machine to help users understand. This high-speed dispensing machine assists in controlling filling and sealing in the way of aut.

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The function of visual dispensing equipment is far superior to that of conventional desktop dispensing machine. An intelligent visual dispensing robot will perform more efficiently. Therefore, visual observation dispensing machine has outstanding advantag.

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The automatic dispensing equipment suitable for two-component AB glue is special. The high-speed AB automatic dispensing machine of 2019 edition was introduced to users for reference. The loaded two-component AB glue valve can adjust the two fluids to mix.

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This paper introduces a high-speed automatic control red glue dispensing machine, which is preliminarily understood by users. The wide applicability of the high-speed automatic dispensing machine and the matching of application technology are inseparable..

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Fully automatic platform dispenser has the characteristics of wide application and convenient and labor-saving. Fully automatic hot melt dispenser can stabilize and quantitatively control the amount and area of hot melt adhesive coating, help dispenser ad.

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Instant dry adhesive, also known as UV glue, is a kind of special adhesive material, which is suitable for bonding and strengthening of transparent materials. It is recommended to use UV glue dispensing machine for dispensing and bonding. The main reason .

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Among the types of dispensing machine, 331 refers to the movement travel of 300*300*100 mm, which belongs to a kind of dispensing machine with strong universality. The foaming dispensing machine introduced in this paper belongs to the same category as 331.

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In the production process of garment industry, it is also necessary to control glue quantitatively and then apply it to the links of bonding surface or surface decorative dripping. This special sealing dispenser for garment industry is suitable for the pr.

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221-stroke desktop dispensing machine belongs to the mainstream equipment. The recommended white latex dispensing machine also belongs to 221-stroke dispensing equipment. Small carton bonding board can be used to finish the gluing work with white latex di.

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The value of automatic dispensing equipment is one of the benchmarks besides judging the execution speed of the machine. The 4331 dispensing machine belongs to one of the duplex position dispensing machines. It is famous for the double position platform c.

中制自動化設備有限公司全力為用戶打造各種實用性強的高速全自動點膠機 大型高速點膠機 落地式高速點膠機

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