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    Transformer glue filling machine

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    Transformer glue filling machine is a large dispensing machine, accurately speaking, a large-scale double-liquid glue filling machine, because the volume of the transformer is relatively large, but also need to use double-liquid epoxy glue, manufacturers can only make it into a large-scale sample, so as to meet the glue filling glue, will not drag down the production efficiency of manufacturers, let us know one. Some use of integrated technology to produce transformer glue filling machine.
    灌膠機 Machine advantage
    1, two stepper motors and two servo motors are used as power systems.
    2, the super large worktable can carry out two simultaneous transformer filling.
    3, adopt a simplified version of the constant control system, easy to use the operating system.
    4, configure the automatic cleaning function, so that the service life of the glue filling machine is longer.
    5, single head double station, control time is poor, so that production is more flexible, the workload of five or six people.
    6. Dispensing pressure dispenser can achieve super long glue filling.
    閉環步進電機 Application industry and glue type
    Although this is a transformer glue filling machine, but can be used in more than one industry, such as transformer glue filling, inductance glue dispensing, stabilizer glue filling, automotive parts glue filling, etc., can be used, can also play a glue filling purpose, a high-grade glue filling machine can top more than one ordinary glue filling machine, can be used glue AB silicon. Glue, epoxy glue, two-component glue filling and so on, transformer glue filling machine can be used, the performance of no doubt.
    technical parameter
    1, mutual inductance glue filling machine: the working dimension is 600mm*700mm*150mm, which belongs to a non-standard equipment.
    2, dispensing pressure bucket: Configuration of two dispensing pressure bucket, divided into A bucket and B bucket, A bucket is stirred bucket.
    3, glue concentration: the concentration can reach 10 million.
    互感器灌膠機 4, guideway: the use of Taiwan has guideway, the use of double guide way design.
    5, dispensing valve: it is a 32LAB glue filling valve developed specially for pouring glue.
    6, the proportion of glue: 3:1, 5:1, 2:1, 10: 1.
    Transformer glue filling machine used in the transformer filling is able to meet its requirements, there are many machine parameters have not been released, if there is a need, call the manufacturer of Chinese dispensing machine bar, we will be the most appropriate price for you to create the production needs of the transformer glue filling machine, to maximize the use of glue filling.

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