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    Visual glue filling machine for high-speed automatic product

    作者:點膠機廠家   日期:2019-02-16 18:51   瀏覽:

    Visual function is one of the functions of many intelligent dispensing equipments. The CCD visual function of visual glue dispensing machine improves the accuracy greatly. It is the voucher of high-speed automatic dispensing production index. The automatic glue dispensing of soft lamp in lighting industry is accomplished by this equipment.
    Large visual dispensing machine
    Basic performance of visual glue filling machine
    Storage Appliances: AB Double Rubber Barrel Mixing
    Proportional mixing: 1:1 to 10:1 in any proportion
    Motion Path: Point, Line, Surface, Arc and other Path Glue Filling
    Input voltage: AC220V
    Applicable Glue: Quantitative Mixture of Various Two-Component Proportions
    Mitsubishi PLC Control System
    Working temperature: 0-40 C
    Working humidity: 10%-70%
    Visual glue filling machine can be used to control a variety of mixing proportion of glue or fluid uniform glue filling, the implementation effect is stable and uniform, the measurement control of gear pump durable life is long, the glue filling efficiency is in line with a variety of production lines, configuration of pressure barrels when the lack of early warning prompts, to prevent the lack of materials affect the consistency of glue filling, so this equipment can be used to complete batch of LED lamp glue filling and other types. In the production line, the actual effect of choosing visual glue filling machine for soft lamp bar glue filling is embodied.
    Multi-head two-component visual glue filling machine
    Practical application effect
    When filling soft lamp strips, we should ensure that the mixed glue can be evenly applied on the bonding surface to strengthen the fixing, use visual function to assist control to prevent the direct influence of glue point deviation, and calibration function to assist in the accuracy of glue filling. Automatic glue filling can be carried out by setting the target of mass production, saving manpower and cost, and improving the rate of good products in the production of soft lamp strips.
    The problems such as low uniformity deviation of the product, more direct control of the stable output of the product, no glue spillover affecting the appearance effect and so on, are that the visual glue filling machine is satisfied with the production of automated production lines.
    Soft Lamp Filling Products

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