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    Customized high speed dispensing machine, glue machine!


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    There are common drivers in the motor head of the electric h

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    The electric glue machine is the most basic type of the glue dispenser, which is made up of the control system, the controller, the motor head and so on. The controller is the core component of the electric dispensing machine, in dispensing work, electric high-speed dispensing machine can work according to the control system, in order to facilitate the control, dispensing machine is arranged in the controller, the power supply can be aligned after opening for dispensing, dispensing machine in electric motor head so those drive?
    Desktop high speed electric dispenser
    1. Piezoelectric actuation
    The motor head driven by pressure has the advantages of low driving power, wide working frequency and large driving force. The electric high-speed dispensing machine needs a staff operation to glue the product to the product, but dispensing machine with dispensing drive mode has faster dispensing speed. And the electric glue machine is equipped with a debugger. The staff can adjust the speed of glue according to the proficiency of the operation, and make the glue easy to spot.
    Double station high speed electric dispenser
    2. Pneumatic drive
    It can be seen from the name that the pneumatic drive is related to the air. The pneumatic driving method is difficult to finish the glue dispensing work with large viscosity, and the requirements for the cylinder are also high. So the pneumatic drive is rarely used.
    Pneumatic driving machine
    3. Electric power drive
    Different from the pneumatic drive, the electric drive mode is operated by electric power, which has the advantages of high driving force and short response time. It can improve dispensing speed and accuracy in dispensing process. But when used, it is necessary to check whether the voltage in the electric high-speed dispensing machine is stable. If the instability is not stable, it will not only affect the dispensing work, but also have some influence on the dispensing itself, so it is better to cut off the power in time and avoid damage to the dispensing machine when the power is unstable.

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