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    The high speed glue dispenser of conductive slurry is too sl

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    Conductive paste is actually conductive adhesive glue, because the glue concentration is relatively high, it is so called, conductive paste is used in the electronics industry a special glue, after solidification will have conductive effect, is an important element to protect the electronics industry, and the birth of a glue dispensing machine, high speed is often used a conductive glue, in addition, there are other special.
    Double head conductive glue high speed dispenser
    High speed dispensing machine need to pay particular attention to the use of conductive paste is a glue, unlike other glue, the glue concentration is relatively high, the need to use needles than usual needles should be large, high concentration expressed as slow velocity of flow dispensing time also need to make, or need to increase the pressure of high-speed dispensing machine the increase of compressive strength, forcing the conductive paste flow speed.
    Two position high speed dispenser
    In addition to the pressure intensity increase and a high speed dispensing method is to replace the dispensing needle, Teflon dispensing needle use teflon material is made, according to the Seiko manufacturing, and the error value in needle + 0.0mm, to use the materials are Seiko build, also uses a flash grinding technology, the two outer wall are polished to ensure the smooth flow of conductive paste, also can ensure the high speed dispensing dispensing machine, which can improve the speed of production.
    Single position high speed dispenser
    High speed dispensing machine using different types of glue, glue and the need to understand the characteristics of early use, use will be handy, this also reduces the test steps of using glue dispensing machine, if not thorough, high speed dispensing machine will not develop speed dispensing applications, is equivalent to holding the top of the equipment to do handwork. Could do, a waste of resources.

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